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Trees & plants


The act of planting a tree benefits current and future generations.

Trees are invaluable for the many direct and indirect benefits we derive from them. They provide food and shelter for wildlife, protect snow pack and watersheds, and help purify our lakes and streams.

Trees can reduce energy consumption by deflecting cold winter winds and providing shade on summer days. Their natural forms and colors can turn drab vistas into beautiful landscapes.

For more information regarding selecting, planting, and caring for trees, tree diseases, and major tree species from the Colorado State Forest Service, click here.

Native Trees for Colorado Landscaping - from CSU Extension

Mountain Pine Beetle in Colorado - from the Colorado State Forest Service

IPS Beetle in Colorado - from the Colorado State Forest Service

Please remember that ARC approval is needed before healthy trees are removed from a property.


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Xeriscape Gardening in Colorado - from CSU Extension

Gardening tips from a Pinery gardener.