Development News

Development News

Development Application in The Pinery 

6/14/22 Update: Developer meeting with neighbors

  • When: June 21 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Where: The Pinery Fire Station, downstairs meeting room, 8170 Hillcrest Way

The potential developer of the school district tract, which is adjacent to North Park, will be presenting the proposed plan to residents. You will have an opportunity to voice your concerns. Please review the information noted below to be informed prior to the meeting.

6/22/22 Udate: Pinery HOA referral response to Douglas County

Click here to see the response of the Pinery HOA to the Douglas County referral request for this propery.


There is a 12.35 parcel of property North of The Pinery’s North Park (bordered on the South by Sunridge Hollow Rd, Ponderosa Way and on the west by Betts Ranch Rd. and on the North and East by existing residential Development). Click here for vicinity map. It is currently owned by the Douglas County School District. The original owners of The Pinery, donated it to the County, as required at that time, for a future school. The School District has identified that this is surplus property and has a pending contract with a developer. The developer is requesting that the Zoning be changed on this property from school district site to a single-family residential zoning. 

The developer initially proposed 33 homes. The Pinery HOA has had two meetings with the developer, and the homes now proposed are 28 and none of these homes will have driveways directly to existing roads. Click here for Site Plan. We are now in the Douglas County referral process, in which The Pinery, other nearby neighborhoods, and residents are asked to submit our comments to the County Planning Department by June 17, 2022. Given all the building going on in the area, The Pinery HOA would like to have this area designated as Douglas County open space so that we continue to have an area for deer and turkeys to be. These 12 acres are adjacent to our 5 acres in North Park, creating over a 17 acre area. If there are to be homes built on this property, The Pinery supports up to 12 custom homes which would fit with the larger lots right next to it in The Pinery and in the Hidden Village neighborhood. There are some additional concerns we will share with the County, including that additional traffic entering onto Ponderosa Way (across from Falling Leaf Circle) will be a safety issue due to the decline and curve of the road in that area. 

What can residents do? 

Residents who are abutting the property have been mailed a notification from the County about the process. However, any resident can submit comments to the County Planning Department by June 17, 2022.  If you have comments, please email them to Mike Pesicka at   For more specific project information you can also contact Mike at this email or call at 303-660-7460.  If you wish to look at the developer’s submittals and County comments you can go to home page and perform a Project search using the Project File number ZR2022-010. Then click on “View Projects” and then view “Documents”, scroll down (there are two pages of documents, with the more recent dates the more relevant). 

Shortly, as part of the planning process, the Developer will be notifying abutting residents to invite them to a meeting in which the developer will go over the plans and take resident feedback.  At a later date there will be a public meeting held by the Douglas County Planning Department. The Pinery will present at that meeting, and residents can as well. 

If you have any questions, you can email The Pinery at or call us at 303-841-5305. We will put updates on this website.