The Pinery News

Tuesday, February, 2022

Douglas County takes care of snow and ice removal in The Pinery. Click here for detailed information.

Tuesday, February, 2022


Volunteers are needed for the Community Services Committee (CSC).

Tuesday, January, 2022

Exercise your right to vote in the 2022 PHA election.

The vital positions on the Executive Board (EB) and Community Services Committee (CSC) help maintain our sense of community, interface with Douglas County for community issues, manage finances and coordinate key Pinery activities. Two (2) Executive Board positions and four (4) CSC positions are up for election. To find out more about the candidates click here.

Sunday, January, 2022

Pinery HOA membership is due for those homeowners who are not paying dues through our trash program or as a lessee at the RV lot. Invoices have been mailed.

Thursday, December, 2021

Click here to see the Pinery Homeowners' Association, Inc. 2022 Proposed Budget.