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Annual Pinery Chipping Days are back

The Pinery Homeowners Association is sponsoring another neighborhood chipping event for 2018 and in support of our Firewise Community designation.

A few years ago, the PHA’s Wildfire Mitigation Committee created a neighborhood mitigation plan to address the wildfire risk in the community.  The plan identifies private property as the greatest source of wildfire fuels because properties have growing and built fuels that are flammable.  Since the Pinery has so many families and homes, South Metro Fire District has deemed the wildfire risk for our community to be HIGH.

We can’t change the weather or the topography, but we can change the amount of fuel that is available to burn if we work together.

Slash is a synonym for the low-hanging branches homeowners cut from pine and oak trees as well as for entire clumps of junipers and fitzers,   This is a great opportunity to dispose of those junipers that have been dying out this year! 

The PHA will sponsor the 2018 Pinery Chipping Days, where a local company will use a chipper to convert branches and logs into much smaller wood chips that will be hauled away and recycled or deposited on the homeowner’s property, if desired by the homeowner.

The neighborhood mitigation plan has separated The Pinery into four geographic areas based on home and ecosystem characteristics.  The chipper crew will be scheduled to pick up in each geographic area based on homeowner interest in taking advantage of this free service.  We will schedule pick up in September and October.  

In order to qualify to participate in the slash removal events, and learn which area your property sits, residents must meet both of the following criteria:

· The resident must be a dues-paying member of the PHA;

· The resident must attend the Chipping Orientation Meeting in which s/he will learn about the four areas, the basics of wildfire mitigation and proper chipping etiquette.  The Chipping Orientation Meeting as held Monday, August 20. If you were not able to attend the meeting but would like to participate, please contact Sarah Melius at sarahmelius@comcast.net. (Please note, if you have participated in a Pinery Chipping Event in 2016 or 2017, you do not need to attend the Chipping Orientation Meeting but rather send an email to sarahmelius@comcast.net to indicate interest in participating again this year.)

Homeowners are encouraged to contact South Metro Fire Rescue for guidance on what to cut or remove in advance of performing mitigation in order to maximize the benefits without compromising the quality of life in The Pinery.  Schedule an appointment by emailing ReducingRisk@southmetro.org

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