Timbers update - what's new?

Below is the most current information that we, The Pinery, have available from the planner and the community.  We will keep this page updated as new information comes out. 


Click here to view the PHA Position Statement regarding the Timbers Development Project.

The owners of the Timbers are not pursuing a PD amendment at this time. The current program for the Timbers is to follow the current Pinery PD zoning documents to obtain approval for 51 new home sites. The process will include a combined preliminary and final plat using the current zoning criteria, approved sketch plans, and the Douglas County sub division regulations. No zoning amendment would be required or requested. The Timbers team recently met with the Douglas County staff in a pre-application meeting to discuss the intent and scope of a phase I preliminary/final plat. We are planning to start the preparation of the design and submittal documents in March. The submittal for the preliminary/final plats is tentatively scheduled for May. The process is expected to take between 6 and 9 months and requires public meetings before the Douglas County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. If the phase I project proceeds to construction, the first homes could be available in mid to late 2014. We will continue to share information and listen to the neighborhood residents during the preparation and refinement of the design documents. We look forward to talking with the community about our detailed plans and schedule as information is available. David Brehm, Plan West

Thank you for your input, the "Proposed Density Increas" survey has been completed.

  Timbers Letter of Agreement-1995   Map of Proposed Amendment   Project Summary


Letter from the Executive Board - The Pinery Newletter: November 1, 2012

Plan West (a subsidiary of Great Gulf) recently began exploring the possibility of amending their plan for further development of the land at the back of The Pinery and in the small space between Irish Pat Murphy Dr. and Thunderhill Rd. The Douglas County Community Planning and Sustainable Development department has requested that community input be sought by Plan West. This proposal has raised many questions, and there is a lot of information and rumor going around regarding it. Currently there is limited information about the proposal, and we, the PHA Executive Board, would like to present what we know as facts at the moment, to help the community make a decision as to whether we support or discourage the proposed amendment.

The current County-approved plan was accepted in 1996 and can begin at any time. An agreement between the developer and a community coalition was a part of the plan approval.  In order to reach that agreement, there was a significant amount of community input and negotiation with the developer. Due to overwhelming community involvement, the developer made some large changes to their plan. See the above link to the "Timbers Letter of Agreement".

Previously Accepted Plan (1996)

  • The development will have approximately 230 homes in the areas defined above.
  • The minimum property sizes for the planned properties are approx. 1/3 acre (15,000 sq ft).
  • There is a plot of land (10 acres) allocated to the school district for their use if desired.
  • There will be a 50-foot buffer between the planned properties and adjacent Pinery properties.
  • Along Pinery Pkwy. and Democrat Rd. there will be a 100-foot buffer to the homes.

Proposed Amendment (allowing the developer to make the following changes):

  • Increase the number of properties by an additional 135 to 150 home sites.
  • Reduce the minimum lot size to approximately 1/4 acre (10,000 sq ft).
  • Increase the buffer between the proposed properties and current Pinery properties from 50 feet to 100 feet.
  • Decrease the buffer along Pinery Pkwy. and Democrat Rd. from 100 feet to 50 feet.

In discussions with the developer, the following additional points were clarified:

  • The increase in density will occur in the center part of the currently-accepted plan, and in the area between Irish Pat Murphy and Thunderhill Rd. Properties in the main development area (Democrat and Pinery Pkwy) along the Pinery remain at the same lot sizes as originally planned (1/3+ acres).
  • The homes that will be built will be custom, detached homes. The developer has specified that there will be no tract homes, condos, or patio homes.
  • The developer will not be doing any “over-lot grading,” where large sections of trees are removed and entire areas of the land are graded.
  • The developer has spoken about adhering to a “tree preservation program” as yet not clearly defined.
  • The proposed lot sizes are similar minimum lot sizes that exist in some current parts of The Pinery.

This developer has shown interest over the years in working with the community in open communication and development changes they’ve implemented in their plans.

On October 4th, a meeting was called on short notice by Misty Pines and The Timbers, which was advertised on the PHA Community Information Sign. Approximately 150+ people attended, about 40% being Pinery residents. Plan West President David Brehm attended and answered as many questions as possible, providing some of the information found above.

Community Input & Communication

We seek constructive community input, and an understanding of how The Pinery residents feel about this proposed density increase. Though the plans still have to pass through a number of other stages, we, as a community, must present our position soon to have the greatest effect in expressing our concerns to the developer and Douglas County Planning Commission.

It has come to the attention of the Pinery HOA, by angry homeowners, that flyers have been placed on homeowners’ mailboxes and doors containing information on this proposed density increase. Some of these flyers contain information that is inaccurate. The goal of the Pinery HOA is to educate homeowners with fact-based information that does not contain inflammatory or misleading material, so the community can make an informed decision.

By fostering open communication with developers, and staying united as a community we are best able to have input into what happens in our community and the surrounding areas. With your input, we can continue to embody the strong and wonderful community that we know as The Pinery.

Board of Directors, The Pinery Homeowners’ Association, Inc.


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