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  new pinery hoa trash customers

It has come to our attention that one of the trash companies servicing the Pinery has discontinued their service.

To assist you in selecting a new service, the Pinery HOA would like to provide this information regarding the Pinery Trash Program. The Pinery program includes PHA dues which must be current at the time of trash application. If dues have been paid for 2013, a credit at the time of application would be applied.

PHA dues at $30/year have been mandatory as of 2008. Dues which are not current must be collected at the time of application as well. The status of your property can be obtained by calling 303-841-8572.

The Pinery program IS available to adjacent HOAs which do not have an established trash program through their HOA (e.g. Pinery South 8B, Misty Pines, Northwoods Glen). Pinery HOA dues ($30.00 per year, $7.50 per quarter) are a part of the program and must be included for participation and to administer the program..

Currently, the quarterly cost of the program is $57.75. Any available dues credit is applicable. On October 1, rates will increase to $60.75. For this quarter, it is possible to pay for the year through June 30, 2014. The cost for this is $211.00 which represents a $20 discount over the quarterly rate. Previously paid dues would also be deducted from this amount. If you choose to pay for a year at this time, the rate increase will be deferred until your payment next year.

Included within the Pinery HOA Trash Program is:
• Weekly trash service each Monday
• Single stream recycling service every other Monday
• One large item pickup per month – just let Waste Management know ahead of time so they can plan.

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays in the lower level of the Pinery Fire Station. Applications and payment (check or cash) must be received by 1 p.m. on Thursday. Click here for an application form. We have a locking drop box outside our office door if you are unable to stop by during those hours and need to leave your check and application.

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