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  pinery community signage

Pinery Protective Covenants allow only signage present for the purpose of selling or renting the property. In this case, one sign per property is allowed.

State statute has over-ridden this restriction with regard to election signage, stipulating that covenants can be no more restrictive than County regulations.

Many Pinery HOA owners have posted long-term, signage on their property protesting a possible density increase for an adjacent community. You may be unaware that this signage is in violation of Pinery Protective Covenants.

In addition to the Covenant violation, consider the impact that this signage has on your neighborhood. We understand that residents with the signage posted are concerned about potential impact to Pinery quality of life; however, the signage is having an impact on that very quality. Think of how this might impact you if you were trying to sell your house.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and remove this signage.

The Pinery Architectural Review Committee

pinery homeowners' association

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