HOA Board of Directors & Committees

The Pinery Homeowners’ Association, Inc. is made up of two standing committees and a Board of Directors who are elected volunteer Pinery residents that work to maintain the quality of life in the Pinery. The standing committees are the Community Services Committee and the Architectural Review Committee.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven members, two each are appointed from the Architectural Review Committee and Community Services Committee. Three members of the Board are elected from the Community at large.

The Board is responsible for overall management of the Community. This includes establishment and update of Policies and Procedures, management of all financial matters, assets and common areas of the Community and oversee operations of the Architectural Review Committee and Community Services Committee. For more information click on Board of Directors.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The Pinery Architectural Review Committee is a standing committee within the Pinery Homeowners' Association. Covenants are filed in conjunction with each property in the Pinery.

Pinery protective covenants predate all residential construction in the Pinery. They require that the 'Architectural Review Committee' review and approve all submittals for new construction and exterior changes to existing structures before the work can commence. Covenants also charge the ARC with enforcing covenants to ensure that the visual harmony and beauty of the Pinery is maintained. Homeowners derive the benefit of increased property values as a result. Covenants create the Pinery character, unique in the Denver area, and ensure that character is maintained.

Title companies are charged with providing all legal documents on file with the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder in association with a property upon closure of a sale. You should have received a copy of your Pinery Protective Covenants at that time. If not, please call our office at (303) 841-5305 and we will be happy to provide a copy.

Covenants stipulate that the ARC shall develop standards for reviewing submittals. If you contemplate a change to the exterior of your property, please contact the office for a copy of the current Architectural Standards document. The ARC meets monthly, normally on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Pinery fire station meeting room (dates are published in the Pinery newsletter and on the calendar pageof this website). Submittal information is requested no later than noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.

For more information on hours, location and guidelines click on Architectural Review Committee.

Community Services Committee (CSC)

The purpose of the CSC is to plan and execute functions to serve the community as follows: maintain the common property of the Pinery which includes the North Pinery Parkway entrance, Lakeshore Park and North Park; maintain the day-to-day operations services provided by the PHA such as: the Pinery Trash & Recycling Program, the RV lot and the Security Coalition; and coordinate community events such as, the Pinery Garage Sale, the Pinery Picnic, and Kids’ Fishing Derby. For more information click here