The Pinery News

Wednesday, January, 2015

To improve customer service efficiency and effectiveness, Waste Management has provided a new option for The Pinery.

Tuesday, January, 2015

An article was placed in the Pinery newsletter asking for teens who may be interested in doing snow removal for residents in the Pinery. Three teens have responded, so if you are in need of snow removal and would like to hire a young person, please call the PHA office at 303-841-8572.

Monday, December, 2014

The Pinery Homeowners’ Association is in need of a candidate to fill an at-large position to begin January 2015. The election will be held January 14, 2015 at the PHA Annual Meeting. Please click above for information regarding the Executive Board and its responsibilities. If you are interested in having your name placed on the ballot, contact the PHA office at 303-841-8572 by January 14.

Monday, October, 2014

The Pinery Water and Wastewater District is beginning construction on a two million gallon potable water storage tank. This tank will provide improved reliability and more storage for fire flow situation to the surrounding community.

Monday, October, 2014

A new 4-mile soft-surface trail has been completed on Bayou Gulch Open Space and is now open to the public for non-motorized use.